New Manuals for TireMoni TM-130 available for download

There is a saying in German: “Wer lesen kann, hat mehr vom Leben.” which means as much as: if you can read, you get a lot more from life.

For this reason we have published a new user manual for the TireMoni TM-130, that complements the Quick Start Guide in the package and describes all features of the instrument in all their details.

With that we are happy to promote a small and previously undocumented feature that many have long been waiting for: With the TM-130 you can now also monitor your spare tyre.

This mode of operation can be activated very easily by pushing a few buttons on the display of the TM-130 (see page 24 of the manual). To use this feature, you will have to add a sensor 5 to your system and then everything will work as expected and as is custom with TireMoni tyre pressure monitors.

The new manual is available for download as PDF in two languages:


Other language versions of this manual are in the making.

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